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Continuous Bespoke - Custom-designed continuous lighting with a choice of fluorescent tubes or LED

As part of our lighting package, Invertec provide bespoke integrated lighting systems, incorporating features such as hand pole fixings, panel fixings and bespoke diffusers. We will further tailor each system to specific customer requirements such as hinged diffusers, painted extrusions and air ventilation.

Continuous Standard – Standard, continuous extrusions and diffusers with a choice of fluorescent tubes or LED

Invertec manufacture standard continuous extrusions and diffusers, with a choice of LED or fluorescent light sources. Our lights are supplied to suit customer requirements; in lengths of up to 3m, with end caps and joining kits if required. We can also supply inverters and drivers for dimmable, door switching and soft start options. Use the contact us button with your specific requirements.

Integra Ceiling Systems –

Why use LED in the same way as fluorescent tubes, two long lines from front to back?  Why have flat, boring ceilings? Our Integra ceiling concepts offer stunning looks, superior lighting control, and outstanding economy; and they all comprise adaptable designs ideal to suit individual customers’ needs.

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