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Inverters and Drivers

Invertec manufacture a wide range of inverters and drivers for various light sources, including T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes, LED, PL tubes and halogen lighting systems.

We have a huge range available with functions such as door switching, soft start, dimming, in 12v 24v, 110v and 240v, for all rail industry applications.

Description Model No. Nominal Voltage DC Dimensions
L x W x H
Tube Sizes
Soft Start RB220/24 24V DC 234x79x44mm T8 2x15; 2x18; 1x18-36 watt
Soft Start RSRT8/24 24V DC 318x50x39mm T8   15 - 58 watt
Soft Start RSRT8/110 110VDC 318x50x39mm T8   15 - 58 watt
Standard XR113/24 24V DC 318x43x30 T5    6 - 13 watt
Standard XR128/24 24 VDC 318x43x30 2D square 28 watt

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